2019 Nationals

Once again, words cannot express how proud I am of our competitors and students at Big Sky. Also, I am extremely grateful to all my parents. What a whirlwind of events this past week… It has been a long but exciting week. It began with Stephanie competing at the USA Taekwondo National Championships in Minneapolis, MN last weekend where she won the Gold Medal (National Champion) in sparring and Bronze Medal (3rd place) in form. Then she met her teammates at the AAU Taekwondo National Championships in Fort Lauderdale, FL where she captured the Silver Medal (2nd Place) in sparring. She had amazing fights each time but only had two minutes to rest between the semifinal match and the final. She was a little tired


. Awesome job!!This was the first National Championships for Heather to compete in. She is the National Champion (Gold medal) in both her divisions (forms and sparring). Wow Heather!!! Awesome job!!This was also the first National Championships for Benjamin. Benjamin is the Gold Medal winner (1st place) and National Champion in sparring. He also won the Silver Medal (2nd place) in forms. Awesome job!!This was Jason’s second time at Nationals. He did not medal last year but made up for that this year through his dedication and hard work. Jason placed third (Bronze Medal) in sparring. Awesome job!!Xiang-Fei and Adam fought hard tough fights but did not medal this year. I am still so proud of them. Awesome job!!In order to win a medal at the national championship you must place 1st, 2nd or 3rd in your division.

After a week of competition and six competitors Big Sky brought home:

4- Gold Medals

2- Silver Medals

2- Bronze Medals

Olympic Training Center

Stephanie had the great opportunity to train at the U.S. Olympic Facility in Colorado Springs for Taekwondo. She stayed on campus for the entire week and got the entire Olympian experience. She was being coached by the USA Taekwondo coaches and training with black belts from around the country, including current and former U.S. Team members. She had a great time and was pushed way beyond her limit, which helps her to improve.  We are very proud of her hard work and dedication!!


2018 Nationals

Stephanie and Emily our 2018 AAU National Champions!!